Athletic Philosophy

It is the intent of the MCS Athletic Department to provide student athletes opportunities to glorify our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ with their God given talents and abilities. The interscholastic athletic program at Madison Christian School is an integral part of the entire school program never to be thought of as being separate from, above, or beneath any program of our school. The athletic program supports and reinforces the mission and purpose of MCS. Our hope is that all who participate in the athletic program will grow to become more like Jesus as a result of their involvement in MCS athletics. While those teams and athletes with exceptional skills may receive increased visibility and focus, the benefits of participation in our program are not limited to those few.

Our highest goal is to bring athletics under the lordship of Jesus Christ by encouraging the spiritual, academic, social/emotional and physical growth/development of all participants.


Interscholastic sports provide opportunities for participants to demonstrate Christian values, such as humility, compassion, and respect while under the stress of competition. The MCS Athletic department is committed to the development of Christian values in our athletes, our coaches and our spectators.  Each and every game, practice, and/or event brings an opportunity for Christian student athletes and coaches to bring honor to the name of Jesus Christ by using all of their gifts and talents for his glory.


The MCS student athlete will exhibit a strong commitment to both academic excellence in the classroom and on the playing field. Athletes will develop an understanding of the rules, regulations, strategies and fundamentals of the sports in which they participate.  Participation in athletics will help each student develop an understanding of commitment, foundations for setting/achieving goals and provide opportunities for students to overcome obstacles.  As an athlete, students will develop respect for authority, self-discipline, self-control and peer respect while challenging themselves both in and out of the classroom.


Participants in the MCS athletic program will experience the privilege and responsibility of membership on a team. As a team member student athletes will learn his/her level of responsibility to his/her fellow teammates, the coach, the spectators, the school, and the members of opposing teams.   Participation teaches the important life lesson of placing group goals ahead of personal goals, how to make personal contributions to the welfare of the team and treat all team members with respect and dignity.  More than mere self-control, sportsmanship is being thoughtful, kind, generous, and courteous even while being intensely competitive. Interscholastic sports teach students how to win and lose with grace, and dignity while exhibiting respect for oneself and members of the opposing team.


The MCS athletic program is designed to help athletes develop their fundamentals, refine their skills and improve their physical fitness.  Team members are involved in activities that are healthful, developmental and fulfilling.  Participation in sports provides student-athletes with beneficial outlets for self-expression and physical exercise in addition to the sheer fun of competitive play.  Athletes are encouraged to always use and develop their talents to the fullest giving God the glory for the outcome of each and every athletic event.

Under the guidance of our Lord Jesus Christ, athletics provide a positive learning environment for the players, coaches and spectators.  Athletic competition provides a means by which the MCS community can come together to glorify our Lord and support the efforts of “our” team. The athletic department will base all decisions on and off the playing fields upon the foundational documents of Madison Christian School.  It is the intent of the MCS athletic department to model all athletic policies, practices and procedures upon Colossians 3:23, “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men”.